Hire an experienced retaining wall installer in Happy Valley, OR

Hire an experienced retaining wall installer in Happy Valley, OR

Upgrade Outdoor Areas With Hardscaping Services

Is your backyard full of wasted space? Maybe there's an annoying slope that makes yardwork difficult and prevents you from fully enjoying your outdoor space. No matter what problem you're dealing with, you can trust an experienced retaining wall installer from Bonsai Guy LLC to neatly organize sections of your yard behind natural stone retaining walls.

You'll have more space to do what you want with your landscaping. You might even have room for an outdoor kitchen installation, which we can also install for you. We offer a variety of hardscaping services for homeowners and business owners throughout Happy Valley, OR and will help you build the outdoor space you want.

Call today and get a free estimate from our professional retaining wall installer.

Do you have an awesome hardscaping design idea? We can help.

From retaining walls and fire pits to a brand-new outdoor kitchen installation, we can take care of all kinds of home improvement projects. Team up with us to install:

Natural stone stairs
Retaining walls
Fire pits
Outdoor kitchens

We love Japanese-style hardscaping, and many of the features include natural stone and rocks. If your outdoor installation needs natural stone, you can trust our professional hardscaping contractor to carefully choose and place each piece of stone to create the best possible look.