Book landscape lighting installation services in Happy Valley, OR

Book landscape lighting installation services in Happy Valley, OR

Shed Some Light Onto Your Flawless Landscaping

What good is a magnificent Zen garden in the dark of night? Bonsai Guy LLC provides landscape lighting installation for homeowners and business owners across Happy Valley, OR. Not only will we make your lawn and landscape look great during the day, we'll provide custom exterior lighting services to make sure your beautiful landscape stands out at night effortlessly.

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Installing FX Luminaire lighting products

For our exterior lighting services, we use FX Luminaire's selection of lighting products. They offer tons of options, including:

Uplights - add texture, contrast and visual interest to your outdoor areas
Downlights - mimic more natural light for a serene atmosphere
Path lights - illuminate the walkways around your home to keep everyone safe
Wall and step lights - give any area a soft glow and unique effect

FX Luminaire is the industry's leading manufacturer of landscape lighting products. We use these high-quality LED landscape lights because they're simply the best products available. You can even control the lights from your phone for extra convenience.